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My dressing room is WAY PAST due for a decluttering session! I’m not sure how it has gotten to its current state of devastation but it’s driving me nuts!!! The worse part is having to find that piece of accessory to complete my outfit and knowing that I’ve kept it ‘somewhere safe’ but still can’t find it! Do you know that feeling?

So conquering the closet is on my wait list and I need some motivation. What better way to motivate me than gawking at images upon images (frm my pinterest board, Dressing Room) of the awesomeness of other people’s dressing rooms? Perhaps I’ll gain some new ideas to rearrange mine and give it the respect that it deserves.

I once LOVED my closet and I need to fall in love again…

A white closet w/ great shelving system! image here.

A great drawer to organize accessories. I NEED this!! image here.

The problem is, I might actually have more shoes than this! image here.

Fashion books. image here.

A simple clothing rack for those who are space deprived. image here.

Spruce up your white brick walls with handbags. image here.

Old ladders for shoes and accessories! A cheap and inventive idea.

Drawer in the middle of the closet. My closet will not fit this! image here.

Loving the detail shot! image here.

I’ve ALWAYS wanted a mannequin for my closet. image here.

Bedroom & closet combo.

I hope to make you fall in love w/ yours again, too!

‘Til next post, Kellie.

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