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I HEART Foie Gras. I HEART Truffles. Put them together? Just pure heaven!

Yesterday, as a snack, I made two little seared Truffle Duck Foie Gras sandwiches. It was just the perfect midday filler.

Seared Foie Gras in a way reminds me of Roasted Bone Marrow which I LOVE to make. Will share my RBM recipe later.

seared truffle foie gras3

seared truffle foie gras2 If you don’t have Australian salt flakes, sea salt works just as fine. Green apple slices and arugula cuts the fat. Searing the foie gras too long will just melt away all the fat. You want to do this quickly on high heat. I used a cast iron skillet.

seared truffle foie gras4Prior to toasting the baguette, I rubbed it with an olive oil/crushed garlic concoction.

seared truffle foie grasMouthwatering.

seared truffle foie gras5Have you tried Foie Gras?

Have a great weekend everyone!


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