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Hello! Hope everyone’s doing well.

Here’s the 2nd installment of my House Hunting mini-series. Admittedly, the neighborhood was not one that we originally would have considered. Not sure why, b/c it’s still in the city and it has actually became one of our top (if not TOP) areas of choice. I was blown away by how pretty the streets were…spacious, gorgeous brownstones (w/ massive windows), quaint, and full of charm. Immediately, I can see us living here forever (almost).

In many ways, this house was the house of our dreams. It fulfilled almost everything on our checklist- character, bay windows, high ceilings, original ornate marble fireplaces (4 including one in the master bathroom!!), incredible kitchen, ceiling medallions, private green space, etc. 

Bonuses were white brick walls (LOVE), built-in shelf units, and a 3rd bathroom with a mini-tub for Zoey! The master suite was to die for, taking up an entire floor with its private level. I wished that I could have shared more images of the house but the homeowner still had personal photos around. I had to be selective of what photos to post.

Anyhow, what wasn’t ideal was that the house had 4 living levels (not including a 5th basement level). Imagine going up and down the stairs all day! If Zoey got lost, I wouldn’t know where to find her! Also, for such a steep price tag, you would think that there’s a private parking space. NOPE. Street parking only. Another NO-NO? There wasn’t any nearby parks with a playground. My Z needs to be a kid and get her hands dirty!

Sigh…we will keep marching forward. It’s a shame b/c I can totally see myself adding fabulous touches to this home!

house hunting 2What do you think of this Victorian-style Brownstone home? It’s def. quite a contrast from House Hunting 1!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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