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Today was one of those perfect days, weather-wise. Almost in the 70′s with partly clear blue skies. It was an ideal afternoon to take Zoey out to watch the Boston city skyline and sailboats at the harbor. She had an amazing time enjoying the fresh air and quietly devouring Laduree macarons. All this was done in style THANKS to Ollie & Piper for the cutest baby clothes EVER. 

ollieandpiperA few weeks ago, the Ollie & Piper team sent over some pieces from their Spring collection in one of the cutest packaging I’ve ever seen! Perfect for precious little girls. 

zoey94Words can’t describe how adorbs the infinity chevron scarf and lace leggings are!



There’s no such thing as one at a time or sharing! This is probably indicative of an “Only Child Syndrome” as my sisters put it. 

zoey95Enjoying the view and life!



zoey92zoey8Other pieces include the most breathless baby dresses: 


I die!

ollieandpiper3I really love this dress- super romantic and cute!

zoey3Zoey’s pet peeves are getting her hands and feet dirty. It’s really cute how she carefully holds the macaron. 

zoey7And don’t forget about the crumbs!

Make sure you check out Ollie & Piper for the cutest baby (girls & boys) clothes. Click here to visit their site.

Btw- the lace leggings are on sale for $8!! Multiple colors available, click here to shop.

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