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If you’re familiar with Boston, then you would probably know that THE place to live is Back Bay. It’s where a 900 sq ft home comes with a million dollar price tag. It’s THAT ridiculous! Everything about Back Bay screams my name- gorgeous brownstones, interior with Victorian period details, huge windows, sky high ceilings, marble fireplaces, beautiful tree-lined streets, etc, etc, etc…

Ever since moving to Boston, I’ve always dreamt of living in Back Bay, preferably on Commonwealth Ave. It’s one block from Newbury St, the most posh and fashionable street in Boston. It’s also just steps away from the Boston Public Garden where swan boat rides are frequent during the summer. Another HUGE bonus? My husband can probably walk to work in about 15 mins!

A few weeks ago, we saw a listing on Commonwealth Ave that seems very promising- a penthouse unit literally just 20 steps away from the Boston Public Garden (and Chanel!!). Square footage-wise, it was much smaller than ideal but we were willing to sacrifice some space (w/ NO designated parking) to be in the premier residential neighborhood and enjoy all the perks of city living under one condition… I had to LOVE the interior. For me, 70% of this means TONS of natural light.

instagramFirst of all, just coming for a private tour of the condo felt a little surreal. My husband and I were like “Are we actually considering Commonwealth?” It’s a little insane combined with a little bit of awesomeness.

But as much as I love the location and the close vicinity to Downtown, Chinatown, and the Boston Commons, I didn’t love the space. Yes, the skylights were pretty cool and the view from the roof deck was worth a million bucks but I couldn’t live in a space that was so incredibly dark. In addition, it needed work and updating. Not to mention there’s no elevator so we would have to climb 5 flights of stairs every time we enter or exit. This is just not practical w/ Zoey, her stroller, and my mommy bag. To spend that much and not love the home? I can’t deal.

Regardless, I’ve concluded that living in the city is invaluable. Yes, we can probably get a mansion if we go far away but it’s not the lifestyle that we want, at least for now. It may not be on the prestige Avenue of Commonwealth but I’m still hopeful that we can find another place in the city that I’ll love…to call home.

After the showing, we enjoyed some family quality time at the Garden. It was pretty amazing! 

And so the search continues…

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Happy Monday!

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